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We listen.

We start with getting to know the target audiences of our client partners. We listen to what they tell us about themselves—their values, motivations and challenges—to develop empathy that will translate to a mutually beneficial communications approach where all parties are being heard and spoken to in a way that will help to advance client goals.

We plan.

Our process relies on research to identify the most effective story-driven communications strategy that will advance our client partner’s goals as well as ensure stakeholder buy-in. Research is part of how we identify organizational goals and audiences as well as understanding who the key stakeholders are who will support the work. Strategic communications planning enables us to create an authentic and powerful brand or narrative framework and communications action plan for our clients.

We tell stories.

We believe that storytelling is one of the most powerful tools for shaping the world we want to live in. By listening and capturing the most compelling and authentic stories of our client partners, we elevate brands and campaigns that inspire and move audiences into action. We work with clients to integrate storytelling into their work as a tool for getting the results they are after. We take an ethical and decolonized approach to storytelling to ensure individual, organizational and community voices are heard and respected in the process.

We help you make change.

We have background and expertise partnering with the communities where our clients work to advance equity and justice. Our experience as independent consultants includes designing and implementing a communications training series for Black organizers involved in racial justice, managing a complex website development process for a real estate accountability index and successful efforts to establish media presence and a strategic communications plan for an American Muslim civil rights organization.