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At Resonance, we are more than just a social justice communications shop. We are deeply committed to sharing stories that move our world toward equity and justice, with our client partner organizations, but also through projects that elevate justice stories.

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In 2018, we are launching AMP: Grassroots²—a story-driven fundraising platform—as a joint project between Radical Communicators Network and Resonance.

AMP: Grassroots² is a new storytelling and fundraising platform for grassroots activists and artists of color. This platform is for and about the people working day in and day out to create the world of our dreams—a world where justice prevails and where all people are able to live with dignity.

AMP: Grassroots² will amplify the voices and stories of grassroots activists and artists so their stories can become the engine for increased support and engagement. Often, we hear about organizations and campaigns before we hear about the people behind them. AMP: Grassroots² was created with the recognition that the backbone of any social movement goes well beyond organizations and leaders with immediate or existing name and brand recognition.

It is on us as progressive communicators to effectively lift up the stories that need to be heard, by community members themselves.